Property Shortage with increasing pressures

Rental Shortage Hitting Hard

Over the last 12 months and even longer, we have seen the need for rentals in the Adaminaby, Lake Eucumbene region increase. With banks tightening up after the Royal Commission more families and individuals are buckling down and setting in for the long haul in the rental market. 

While these pressures are seeing families struggle to find any long term accommodation in their desired location that is close to work, school and amenities, the battle is not looking to ease any time soon.

This year alone we have seen major announcements for the region with the Jindabyne Go Masterplan, exploratory work for the Snowy 2.0 Project approved, the upgrade of Bobeyan Road that links the ACT to Adaminaby and beyond and finally the green light on the entire Snowy 2.0 Project.

Although these announcements are exciting for many and the Pro's vastly out weigh the Con's for the region it will inevitably add further stress to the already crowded rental market. 

We will see large bodies of workers for the Snowy Scheme passing through and although it has been stated the majority of the staff directly hired by Snowy Hydro will be houses onsite in the mountains to be close to the project, we will see sub-contractors investing and staying in the Adaminaby region.

Already we have had a large amount of interest in companies investing in the region off the back of the project and our short term accommodation being filled by these contractors and staff.

Setting aside the works on Snowy 2.0, the announcement of the Bobeyan Road upgrade has seen ACT based investors and tree-changers jump into action. The road already offers an alternative to the Monaro Highway and a direct link from the ACT to the Snowy Mountains. Once the road is sealed it will significantly decrease the travel time between the two locations.

There are a large number of residents in the Adaminaby, Shannons Flat area who travel to Canberra each day to work. This type of commute will increase with the improved road conditions.

This is why we are calling for anyone with property in the region that does not have a 100% occupancy rate to contact us to help fill the void. This could be in the form of short term accommodation, long term rental or sale for investment opportunities. 

We are seeking houses and land of all sizes and types.

Contact us today to find out how your property can generate an income for you and ease the rental market.